The TerraCyclic™ Sanitary Disposal Bio Bin / Biodegradable Refill

terracyclic-bio-bin-plus-refillThe Only Environmentally Friendly Sanitary Disposal System


  • Wallmounted streamlined outer cylinder saves space, looks smart and is easy to install and maintain.
  • Self-deodorising sanitary napkin bags (cartridges) seal-in sanitary waste and are quick and easy to replace.
  • No complicated cleaning or storage facilities are needed.
  • A sanitary napkin receptacle system that’s easy to use.


      • Minimal-contact system protects users and cleaning staff.
      • Sealed sanitary bags with modesty flap means no one touches the waste products.
      • Reduced exposure to harmful bacteria including bloodborne pathogens, so there is less risk of cross infection.
      • Biodegradable plastic components and deodorising chemicals are safe for the environment.
      • The ‘green’ sanitary napkin bag and receptacle system.

eco-friendlyThis bin treats itself so no further treatment is necessary.

Save money by replacing it yourself!


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