Hygolet® Hygienic Toilet Sensor Seats S3000

Take The “Public” Out Of Your Public Restrooms.

It is no secret that many people are reluctant to sit on an unfamiliar toilet seat. Users not only miss the hygienic standard of their home but are deterred from sitting down due to the  risk  of  infection  from  Streptococcaceae  (pneumonia)  Coryneform (hepatitis), Microcoaceae  (purulent  abscesses),  Psudomoacaceae  (urinary  infections,  blood  poisoning), Enterobacteriaceae (typhoid, paratyphoid fever) etc. These are the fears that are responsible for public washrooms looking like this:


The solution…Hygolet® Hygienic Toilet Sensor Seats S3000

By simply activating the sensor an unfamiliar toilet seat is automatically covered with a hygienically safe sleeve made of high-density polyethylene. The clean roll is housed on the left side of the unit. The soiled sleeve is cut and collected on the right side of the unit, never to be used again.

The Hygolet® Hygienic Toilet Seat comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

We Believe That Everyone Deserves A Clean And Comfortable Washroom.

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